Senate Republicans Celebrate Victories in Veto Session

Senate Republicans Celebrate Victories in Veto Session

Topeka, KS (May 10, 2021) – Late Friday night, the Kansas Legislature finished its work during the veto session several days early, capping off a week of significant victories for students, small businesses, taxpayers, election security, and the 2nd Amendment. 

With just one day remaining in the 2021 session on May 26th, Senate Republicans are celebrating the success of the session. In just five days, the legislature overrode five vetoes and was able to usher through the most significant education reform plan in recent memory, as well as passing legislation to provide an avenue for relief for small businesses who were burdened by government restrictions over the last 14 months.

The highlight of the final week of the session was the adoption of the education funding bill, which fully funded K-12 schools while adopting a new student-focused mindset in how we approach education. Included in the bill was a dramatic expansion of the tax credit low-income scholarship program, which will now be available to all K-8 students on free and reduced lunch in Kansas. Tens of thousands of Kansas kids now have the opportunity at a better future.

Both Senate President Ty Masterson and Vice President Rick Wilborn praised the work of their colleagues during the 2021 session.

“While this session was anything but normal, what Republicans were able to achieve on behalf of Kansans cannot be overstated. In just the last week alone, we set a historic pace in passing legislation to help Kansans. Tax relief is on its way to families. Tens of thousands of at-risk students now have the opportunity at a better future. Our elections were made more secure and 2nd Amendment rights were enhanced. Small businesses know that the legislature has their back when government tells them to shut down. Finally, we made it clear we are not having vaccine passports in Kansas,” said Masterson.

“We had unique challenges this session but were able to overcome them by working together to pass great legislation that helped people across our great state,” said Wilborn, who added, “I am thankful to all of our Republicans for putting the people first and pressing forward with such a positive agenda for the people we serve.”

The Senate returns for just one more day on May 26th, when they will consider any additional vetoes and conclude the session. On the same day, Senate Republicans will elect a new Majority Leader.