The Kansas Senate Republicans stand for the freedom, liberty, and justice of all Kansans.  Click through the tiles below to read more details on where they stand on important issues.

Build a Culture of Life


Early in the 2021 session, Kansas Senate Republicans adopted the Value Them Both Amendment, which will now be before the people of Kansas on the August 2022 ballot. Over the last 25 years, the Kansas Legislature have enacted a wide array of protections for both women and the unborn, and each one of those life-saving limits is now under threat by an activist judiciary. Adoption of the Value Them Both Amendment will ensure that those protections remain in place.

Relief for the Kansas Taxpayer


In the 2021 session, Kansas Senate Republicans enacted several measures which provided relief to Kansas taxpayers.  This included real property tax reform that requires “truth in taxation” by local units of government, who had previously used the property valuation system to enact “hidden” tax hikes without taking a vote.  Republicans also overrode the governor’s veto of income tax relief which allows Kansas families to itemize on their taxes, even if they do not on the federal level, while also raising the standard deduction.  As we move forward, Senate Republicans look forward to doing more to help taxpayers, including lowering the sales tax on food.

Promoting Student-Focused Education


Republicans believe every child in Kansans has the right to a first-class education.  That means adjusting our state’s approach on education to being student-focused rather than system-focused.  In the 2021 session, Senate Republicans successfully spearheaded efforts to expand opportunities for low-income children by expanding the low-income tax-credit scholarship program, so children do not have to be trapped in a school that is failing them. Republicans also adopted significant accountability measures that require local school districts to certify that tax dollars are reaching classrooms, while providing increased guardrails around education funding. We will continue to work on more measures to expand hope and opportunity for Kansas kids.

Curriculum Transparency


With many questions regarding controversial curriculum being taught in Kansas schools, including critical race theory, Kansas parents have the right to know exactly what their children are being taught in the classroom. Curriculum transparency allows parents the ability to access and provide input on their child’s curriculum and will ultimately allow sunlight to shine on any politically motivated content being pushed onto our children.

Protecting At-Risk Kids


Regardless of what party happens to be in power, accountability is needed and unfortunately, lacking in our child welfare system. It is past time that the Legislature address the lack of accountability in our child welfare system to ensure the safety and welfare of Kansas children, which is why Senate Republicans proposed legislation to create the Office of the Child Advocate within the Attorney General’s office. This would ensure an independent and impartial review of disputed actions or inactions regarding any child at risk of abuse or neglect by the Kansas Department for Children and Families, the contracting agencies of the department, and the Kansas Department of Corrections.  Children in such situations deserve a voice – someone that is removed from politics and brings an independent set of eyes to examine the circumstances, and truly advocates for what is in the best interest of the child.

Judicial Selection Reform


Kansas has the most anti-democratic system in the country for selecting justices to a state supreme court. The current selection system is without accountability, allowing a group of nine lawyers – the majority of whom are elected by lawyers – to determine three choices whom the governor must pick from.  It does not require Senate confirmation and there is no ability for the governor to opt for a different nominee. This anti-democratic system cries out for reform to give the people of Kansas a voice in the selection of Supreme Court Justices.

Health Care Freedom


Due to the high cost of premiums and sky-high deductibles under ObamaCare, many Kansans are seeking more affordable alternatives to meet the needs of themselves and their families. Senate Republicans are working to expand access and provide coverage through free-market alternatives. This includes improving short-term plans and expanding membership co-ops, licensing reform so Kansans have more access to APRNs, and eliminating surprise bills by requiring that all health care costs are provided up-front, prior to procedure.

Standing for up for the Liberty of Kansans


Our constitution is continually under attack by the left, and Republicans are devoted to ensuring those liberties remain protected in Kansas. In the 2021 session, Republicans made great gains in protecting our liberties by banning vaccine passports and expanding 2nd Amendment rights, but we are not done. Our priorities for 2022, includes guaranteeing religious freedom, stopping censorship via big tech and on campus, standing up for states’ rights under the 10th Amendment, and in ensuring our right to keep and bear arms is not infringed.

Securing Our Elections


Senate Republicans believe that our elections are secure in Kansas. However, tactics used by extreme left-wing organizations threaten to undermine our electoral process, so Republicans enacted two pieces of legislation that make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. This includes limits on ballot harvesting, bans on impersonating an election official, and ensuring election deadlines can not be manipulated. Republicans are committed to keeping our elections secure and will continue to work to further provide the most secure elections in the nation.

Fairness in Women’s Sports


In 2021, the Republican legislature adopted legislation to promote fairness in women’s sports, ensuring the incredible gains women have made under Title IX remain in place in Kansas. Unfortunately, the governor chose to veto the bill, but enacting this measure into law and protecting the right for women to have access to fair competition remains a key priority of Senate Republicans.

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